Upgrading Javelin

The Javelin I am using have been running the original OS ( for quite sometimes. Although I was quite satisfied, it has some problems. Memory leaks and battery life were the top two. Free memory after reboot usually around 116-120 megs and rapidly decreasing. I have had to reboot every three days or so. Battery was even worse, it would only last about 20 hours or so with medium usage (push email, ocasional phone, text message, BBM, twitter, facebook, Google Maps, and browsing).  After much research I was encouraged to upgrade. Then RIM released the official OS 5 for few operators, namely Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Germany, and Optus. I selected Optus due to the fact that it has East Asian Character and my Javelin vendor id is Singtel (Optus’ parent company). Singtel itself has not released any upgrade to OS 5 otherwise it would appear on DM.

I have a practice by upgrading to from Indosat. The upgrade was successful. Here are my upgrade steps (DISCLAIMER it is work for me and my Javelin, result may vary, do it with your own risks):

  1. Remove/uninstall all the previous OS from your PC
  2. Download and install the OS version from here.
  3. Delete file “vendor.xml” (usually under /Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motions/AppLoader) because the OS came from different vendor from the device.
  4. Up untill now do not connect your Javelin to the PC.
  5. Now connect the Javelin to the PC using supplied USB cable.
  6. Backup the Javelin with DM and BBSAK. I also made backup for my BBM contacts using remote backup. The upgrade process would also make backup. More backup is better, I can’s stress that enough.
  7. Locate  and execute file “Loader.Exe” in the OS installation folder (usually under /Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motions/AppLoader)
  8. Follow the instruction and select all the stuff you want to install to your Javelin.
  9. Wait and pray. Remember do not let anything interrupt the upgrade process. I used a fully charged laptop and connect the power supply to the home electricity with all energy savings settings turned off.
  10. The Javelin will reboot few times during the upgrade process, but it will tell you when finished.
  11. After finish, do host routing table request and resend service book.

I need to reinstall Yahoo Messenger, BB AppWorld, and Google Maps but everything else are working fine. The battery could last more than 24 hours. Memory is holding above 100 megs untill now. The performance is great, snappy, good looking, and stable.

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