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It has been a while since I received Ubuntu 9.10 CD (a.k.a KARMIC KOALA). Today I try to install it to my laptop (Compaq Presario V3837TU). I have the old hard disk drive (I put a 250GB hdd for Windows 7 and keep the original 120GB hdd for this occasion) . I popped the old 120Gb hdd back to its place, load the Koala CD, and start up the laptop. The installation path I choose  can be found here. The installation went on and finished nicely and quiet fast compared to Windows 7. After removing the CD and restart the PC, the problem started.

I have few wireless devices. One of them is Logitec Wireless Mouse (V470), a birthday gift from my wife.  I have a suspicion that it would be hard to configure the mouse. I could not be more wrong. It connected and worked effortlessly, Karmic Koala detected the mouse and configured it instantly. The problem was with the wireless LAN. The chip in this laptop come from Broadcom and ever since my Inspiron 5100 day, it never works nicely with Linux. It can be started and therefore could not recognized and connected to my home WIFI (with DLink DI-524UP connected to a TPLink ADSL Modem which connected to Telkom Speedy Network).

After some research (another word for exploiting Google). I found the easiest solution. You can found it here. Following the instructions and using bcmwl5.inf file from the original driver (included when I purchased the laptop) I can make the chip up and running.

I will try this new Ubuntu in the coming weeks and share any interesting story (if I don’t then there is nothing to brag about).

P.S. I posted this article from Karmic Koala and thank to Yosef Hermawan Da Iry for his reminder.

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