Official Hutchinson Asia

A new upgrade for my beloved javelin was published this week, under Hutchinson Asia. The OS file could be downloaded from here. As usual the download process was unsuccessful.  Fortunately (also as usual) Bosen.Net has one and could be found here. Everything else was just fine.

There was nothing extra ordinary from this new update. The booting process took roughly the same time as previous Blackberry OS 5. The free memory is also roughly the same. I could not notice any significant difference in performance or appearance. The lock keypad button is also make the device goes on standby.

One apparent difference is in term of Doc2Go icons. Previously, all Doc2Go icons (after upgrade to OS 5) were replaced by an empty box icon. Only PDF2Go showed the real icon. With 681, all Doc2Go icons were restored to its original appearance. Nothing much, nevertheless a pleasing change.

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