On Evolutionary Upgrade

On my last post, I described what was happened to my old PC and my upgrade effort. I have a beautiful LG L1753S LCD monitor, a superb PC, and crappy two sets of speakers. I have an old 4.1  Altec Lansing AVS500 speaker set which I bought right after I get married in 2001. The speaker is in bad shape after almost 9 years. There was a loud humming sound emanated from the sub woofer and most of the cable has been chewed by mice. My friend, who is a dealer for Altec Continue reading On Evolutionary Upgrade

Upgraded PC

Unstable electricity at my home was causing my beloved PC to give up. The power supply, processor (Core2Duo), and motherboard were damaged. I have to upgraded all the damaged components. Currently I am using Core i3 5300 Processor, MSI Motherboard type H55-E33., 400 watts PSU,  2 GB DDR3 RAM, and integrated video card (which is capable of HD playback). Hard drives, DVD Writer drive, and case are still from the old one. This accident also gave me a chance to upgrade Windows XP Pro SP3 to Windows 7 Pro. So far it is running beautifully, although it is a bit louder than the old components.