On Evolutionary Upgrade

On my last post, I described what was happened to my old PC and my upgrade effort. I have a beautiful LG L1753S LCD monitor, a superb PC, and crappy two sets of speakers. I have an old 4.1  Altec Lansing AVS500 speaker set which I bought right after I get married in 2001. The speaker is in bad shape after almost 9 years. There was a loud humming sound emanated from the sub woofer and most of the cable has been chewed by mice. My friend, who is a dealer for Altec Lansing, tried   to fixed it but it was failed. There were no spare parts available anymore for the model. Tough luck.

Altec Lansign AVS 500
Altec Lansing AVS 500

I was stucked with a pair of Labtec LCS1012 speaker from my wive old ALT PC (bought circa 1996). It was even worse. Only the right speaker worked and it also emanated humming sound although not as loud as the old Altec Lansing AVS500.

Labtec LCS1012
Labtec LCS1012

I decided it is time to buy new speaker. Thanks to Grasindo, I received royalty for my book. I bought these little beauty Altec Lansing VS2621.

Altec Lansing VS2621
Altec Lansing VS2621

It worked perfectly fine and enough juice to churn out sounds good enough for my ears.

Another upgrade I did is to add a stick of USB flash disc with 2 GB capacity for ReadyBoost.

I will continue the evolutionary upgrade along the way and of course write the report here.

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