Farewell Pak Mantri

Last night I received a news that my former drawing, painting, and religion teacher at high school passed away. His name was Sumantri Hadiwiyoto, but he was known for his nicknamed Pak Mantri Bong Supit. Bong supit is Indonesian for circumcision expert. He was one of the funniest teacher at my high school, with vulgar and smart jokes . He taught drawing and painting, in which I did not excel at any stage (6 out of 10 grade is enough for me). One subject that he also taught was religion, which was contradictory to his vulgar jokes he often dished out.

One of his story was about his time when asked by a couple who would be married in one of the pre-wedding ceremonial praying. The couple were married due to the soon to be bride pregnancy. As Catholic, the couple and most of the family believe that Matrimony Sacrament would be bestowed by God in a mass at church. Pak Mantri said in his speech that as human we would never know when God would bestow the Matrimony Sacrament. It could be during the mass or before or after or even when the baby was conceived. Pak Mantri said the couple were relieve and thank him graciously.

Goodbye Pak Mantri, farewell, and have a great after life!

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  1. i am very happy n apreciate for this little history of my father mr. DF. Sumantri Hadiwiyoto. Yes i am his daughter who feel very missing him coz papi, we called him, now at heaven with God. tx n keep to apreciate teacher espectally at High school De Britto. Gbu all

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