On Conferences

Few days ago I have been in Bali for AAAA 12th Annual Conference. As if it was only yesterday that I flew from Sydney, via Singapore and Paris, to Madrid for my very first conference. it was the 10th European Conference on IT Evaluation (ECITE2003). No I have been to quite a few conference. I have been in Madrid (obviously), Bangkok (PACIS2005), Manly (ACIS2005), Jakarta (AusAid and UI), Bandung (PIABC2009), Surabaya (ICTS2009), Jogjakarta (iIwas2006), and Bali (AAAA2011) for attending conferences. I only missed one conference, which was in Egypt (EMCIS2005).

Fortunately ECITE2003 was a medium size conference. I could mingle with the other conference attendees and have lively discussion. The best so far in term of quality and attendees I have to say PACIS2005. Not only it was the best conference series for IS in Asia Pacific but also the sheer number of IS Expert attended.

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