My Blackie

On my way to work, recently, suddenly I was remembering my very first motor cycle. It was Honda Astrea Grand circa
My father bought that on the last semester of my high school. A motorcycle that I have been waiting so long.
With this one (blue striping as opposed to the red shown on picture), I learned anything that can be done with motorcycle.
I learned how to change oil, spark plug, etc.
One day, the sid plastic moulding (under the seat and covering fuel tank) was hit by pedicab driver. It was broken. I changed both sides wit a pair of brand new moulding, black without any sticker on it (hence the name Blackie).
One day, just right after I graduated from college it was stolen.
My mother still keep the certificate of ownership for Blackie. BTW the registration plate was AB 4889 RH.

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