My New Tool

I have been using Compaq Presario V3837TU for quiet some times now. It was originally bought for my wife but then she was given laptop from her company. It has been sluggish for quiet sometimes. I am using it mostly for storage. The sluggishness was quiet annoying when I wrote and edited my second book. After some savings I decided to bought new one. This time I decided to switch to Apple. And here is my new laptop Continue reading My New Tool

On Conferences

Few days ago I have been in Bali for AAAA 12th Annual Conference. As if it was only yesterday that I flew from Sydney, via Singapore and Paris, to Madrid for my very first conference. it was the 10th European Conference on IT Evaluation (ECITE2003). No I have been to quite a few conference. I have been in Madrid (obviously), Bangkok (PACIS2005), Manly (ACIS2005), Jakarta (AusAid and UI), Bandung (PIABC2009), Surabaya (ICTS2009), Jogjakarta (iIwas2006), and Bali (AAAA2011) for attending conferences. I only missed one conference, which was in Egypt (EMCIS2005).

Fortunately ECITE2003 was a medium size conference. I could mingle with the other conference attendees and have lively discussion. The best so far in term of quality and attendees I have to say PACIS2005. Not only it was the best conference series for IS in Asia Pacific but also the sheer number of IS Expert attended.

Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs are unique and different compared to bigger businesses, especially in the availability of organisational resources, so managing SMEs is different from managing larger businesses (Aragon-Sanchez & Sanchez-Marin 2005; O’Regan & Ghobadiah 2004; Welsh & White 1981). As SMEs grow, they face new problems. The first problem is due to their limited staff: growth means that existing staff must deal with additional workload and new duties brought by the growth. The Continue reading Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

A Milestone

Boxing Day 2005. Five years ago, I brought my family return to Indonesia after spending 3,5 years in Sydney. When we departed  10th June 2002, there were only me and my lovely wife, Retno. We were young couple (we were married less than 9 months). We brought three luggage, about A$300, a credit card, uncertain future due to problems at my work, and tons of dream. I lost my father who passed away on 17th August 2003 but witnessed the birth of lovely Sati, our daughter on 17th July 2004.

We returned with some savings, the same three luggage, a beautiful baby girl, master degree for Retno, a PhD in waiting for me (I was graduated in-absentia in September 2007), works awaiting in Indonesia for us, and few stuff we brought home (mostly my books).

Now we are definitely better off than 5 years ago. We are eagerly awaiting the next years to come. Happy New, better Year 2011.

Farewell Pak Mantri

Last night I received a news that my former drawing, painting, and religion teacher at high school passed away. His name was Sumantri Hadiwiyoto, but he was known for his nicknamed Pak Mantri Bong Supit. Bong supit is Indonesian for circumcision expert. He was one of the funniest teacher at my high school, with vulgar and smart jokes . He taught drawing and painting, in which I did not excel at any stage (6 out of 10 grade is enough for me). One subject that he also taught was religion, which was contradictory to his vulgar jokes he often dished out. Continue reading Farewell Pak Mantri

Upgraded PC

Unstable electricity at my home was causing my beloved PC to give up. The power supply, processor (Core2Duo), and motherboard were damaged. I have to upgraded all the damaged components. Currently I am using Core i3 5300 Processor, MSI Motherboard type H55-E33., 400 watts PSU,  2 GB DDR3 RAM, and integrated video card (which is capable of HD playback). Hard drives, DVD Writer drive, and case are still from the old one. This accident also gave me a chance to upgrade Windows XP Pro SP3 to Windows 7 Pro. So far it is running beautifully, although it is a bit louder than the old components. Official Hutchinson Asia

A new upgrade for my beloved javelin was published this week, under Hutchinson Asia. The OS file could be downloaded from here. As usual the download process was unsuccessful.  Fortunately (also as usual) Bosen.Net has one and could be found here. Everything else was just fine. Continue reading Official Hutchinson Asia

Top 10 Favourite Non Fiction Books

I have just browsing through my EndNote’s library and then realised that I have the following top ten most favourite non fiction books. The list are (in alphabetical order thanks to EndNote CWYW):

  1. BERTALANFFY, L. V. 1971. General System Theory: Foundation, Development, Applications, London, Penguin Continue reading Top 10 Favourite Non Fiction Books