On Conferences

Few days ago I have been in Bali for AAAA 12th Annual Conference. As if it was only yesterday that I flew from Sydney, via Singapore and Paris, to Madrid for my very first conference. it was the 10th European Conference on IT Evaluation (ECITE2003). No I have been to quite a few conference. I have been in Madrid (obviously), Bangkok (PACIS2005), Manly (ACIS2005), Jakarta (AusAid and UI), Bandung (PIABC2009), Surabaya (ICTS2009), Jogjakarta (iIwas2006), and Bali (AAAA2011) for attending conferences. I only missed one conference, which was in Egypt (EMCIS2005).

Fortunately ECITE2003 was a medium size conference. I could mingle with the other conference attendees and have lively discussion. The best so far in term of quality and attendees I have to say PACIS2005. Not only it was the best conference series for IS in Asia Pacific but also the sheer number of IS Expert attended.

On Statistics

I have been conducting research since 1997. I believe in qualitative approach since it is the best approach for my research. I need the ability to study and reveal richness, depths, and context of a phenomenon being studied. I rarely touch statistics or econometric (and other metric for that matter).

I don’t say that statistic is bad, on the contrary, I believe statistic is one of the best products of our civilization. In many cases, I would refer to the statistics gathered, compiled, and analyzed by somebody else. Continue reading On Statistics

Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs are unique and different compared to bigger businesses, especially in the availability of organisational resources, so managing SMEs is different from managing larger businesses (Aragon-Sanchez & Sanchez-Marin 2005; O’Regan & Ghobadiah 2004; Welsh & White 1981). As SMEs grow, they face new problems. The first problem is due to their limited staff: growth means that existing staff must deal with additional workload and new duties brought by the growth. The Continue reading Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

IT adoption within SMEs

Adoption of innovation is a complex phenomenon. Attempts have been made to explain it from three different perspectives: individual, structural, and interactive process (Slappendel 1996). We believe that Slappendels’s framework is the most appropriate framework to approach IT adoption by Indonesian SMEs. From each perspective, numerous studies have been made to explore the adoption of innovation. Research in the individualist framework Continue reading IT adoption within SMEs

Request for Proposals

Request for proposal (RFP) is a tool to formalize the process of documenting, justifying, and authorizing procurement in an organization (Cooper & Schindler, 1998). To evaluate different alternative offer by various supplier, client could use RFP as a tool to provide mechanism to establish, monitor, and control performance of supplier (Cooper & Schindler, 1998). De Loof (1997, p.223) believes that call for tender is essentials for the supplier to write a realistic Continue reading Request for Proposals

Call for papers The 18th International RE Conference, Sydney


18th IEEE International
Requirements Engineering Conference

REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING IN A MULTI- FACETED WORLD Continue reading Call for papers The 18th International RE Conference, Sydney

Managing Software Development Project

Software development is a large and complex work. With the increasing of computer systems complexity and increasing of user demand for more powerful software, software engineering project becomes more and more challenging to manage. Good quality software will give benefits to the user’s organization. The result of good quality Continue reading Managing Software Development Project