My New Tool

I have been using Compaq Presario V3837TU for quiet some times now. It was originally bought for my wife but then she was given laptop from her company. It has been sluggish for quiet sometimes. I am using it mostly for storage. The sluggishness was quiet annoying when I wrote and edited my second book. After some savings I decided to bought new one. This time I decided to switch to Apple. And here is my new laptop Continue reading My New Tool

My Blackie

On my way to work, recently, suddenly I was remembering my very first motor cycle. It was Honda Astrea Grand circa
My father bought that on the last semester of my high school. A motorcycle that I have been waiting so long.
With this one (blue striping as opposed to the red shown on picture), I learned anything that can be done with motorcycle.
I learned how to change oil, spark plug, etc.
One day, the sid plastic moulding (under the seat and covering fuel tank) was hit by pedicab driver. It was broken. I changed both sides wit a pair of brand new moulding, black without any sticker on it (hence the name Blackie).
One day, just right after I graduated from college it was stolen.
My mother still keep the certificate of ownership for Blackie. BTW the registration plate was AB 4889 RH.

On Conferences

Few days ago I have been in Bali for AAAA 12th Annual Conference. As if it was only yesterday that I flew from Sydney, via Singapore and Paris, to Madrid for my very first conference. it was the 10th European Conference on IT Evaluation (ECITE2003). No I have been to quite a few conference. I have been in Madrid (obviously), Bangkok (PACIS2005), Manly (ACIS2005), Jakarta (AusAid and UI), Bandung (PIABC2009), Surabaya (ICTS2009), Jogjakarta (iIwas2006), and Bali (AAAA2011) for attending conferences. I only missed one conference, which was in Egypt (EMCIS2005).

Fortunately ECITE2003 was a medium size conference. I could mingle with the other conference attendees and have lively discussion. The best so far in term of quality and attendees I have to say PACIS2005. Not only it was the best conference series for IS in Asia Pacific but also the sheer number of IS Expert attended.

On Statistics

I have been conducting research since 1997. I believe in qualitative approach since it is the best approach for my research. I need the ability to study and reveal richness, depths, and context of a phenomenon being studied. I rarely touch statistics or econometric (and other metric for that matter).

I don’t say that statistic is bad, on the contrary, I believe statistic is one of the best products of our civilization. In many cases, I would refer to the statistics gathered, compiled, and analyzed by somebody else. Continue reading On Statistics

Life is Funny

I would like to tell my story (in English since I need to keep practicing my writing).

Life has a funny way to make our desire come true. A more religious person would say God works in mysterious ways, however I am not religious person and I do not think I am qualified to write something about God’s works. Anyway retrn to my story. Continue reading Life is Funny