On Statistics

I have been conducting research since 1997. I believe in qualitative approach since it is the best approach for my research. I need the ability to study and reveal richness, depths, and context of a phenomenon being studied. I rarely touch statistics or econometric (and other metric for that matter).

I don’t say that statistic is bad, on the contrary, I believe statistic is one of the best products of our civilization. In many cases, I would refer to the statistics gathered, compiled, and analyzed by somebody else. Continue reading On Statistics

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

In recent years the debate on qualitative versus quantitative research has been well documented (e.g. Crotty 1998; Leedy & Ormrod 2005; Miles & Huberman 1994). Much of this debate does not take into account the underlying epistemology, ontology, and theoretical perspectives from each side (Crotty 1998; Miles & Huberman 1994). As a Continue reading Qualitative and Quantitative Research