Another New Gadget

My beloved Javelin has been with me for over a year now. We have been through a lot. It was getting too old and too slow for me. I might be able to replace the trackball and do some cleaning but it was old.

I have replaced my lovely 8900 with a brand new 9800 (no pun intended). I got a good price and a good gadget. I got two of them one for me and one for my wife to replace her old 8520 (Gemini).  The new Torch is exactly like the picture below Continue reading Another New Gadget

Changing OS

It has been less than a month after I upgraded my Javelin to OS 5.0.0681 from Hutchinson Asia. It was not good. Battery life was short, less than 12 hours or so. It mad me have to recharge my device every 12 hours or so. It was huge inconvenient for me, especially during my trips to Bandung and Jakarta. Memory leaks was also severe, I was down to less than 80 MB in 3 days. Previous OS installations would hold memory above 90 MB after more than a week.

I decided to remove the OS and replace with the same version from Indosat. So far, it has been better. The time between charging is more than 24 hours. Memory leaks is not as severe as Hutchinson version. It is still around 100 MB after two days. All and all Indosat’s version is much better than Hutchinson Asia’s (IMHO). Official Hutchinson Asia

A new upgrade for my beloved javelin was published this week, under Hutchinson Asia. The OS file could be downloaded from here. As usual the download process was unsuccessful.  Fortunately (also as usual) Bosen.Net has one and could be found here. Everything else was just fine. Continue reading Official Hutchinson Asia

Yet Another Upgrade

Another upgrade for Javelin has been released this morning. The new version is and it was released by Wind Hellas. Strangely, when I browsed the site around 10.00 AM Indonesian time, the file was not there. The download page for Javelin at Wind Hellas still only showed version as the latest version. It was not the first time I have problem with Wind Hellas. The last time I tried to download, the download place was replaced by text saying that the file I have been looking for was revoked (this is the page after you entered your detail and agree to the terms and conditions). Luckily, has the file here. As usual I upgraded my javelin. There is nothing spectacular apart from the official twitter client (still in beta though). I might try after  reaching stable version, meanwhile I will stick to ubertwitter.

Latest Javelin Upgrade

The previous upgrade on my Javelin from OS Optus to OS Cosmote has disabled the keypad lock button and function. Since then I have tried to installed the same OS from Singtel and/or Telkomsel (the actual vendor of my Javelin as in the vendor id) and Indosat. However, I believe Cosmote has the best battery, performance, and memory management.

Recently, Wind Hellas has released he new OS I have struggled to download the file but eventually succeeded. As usual the upgrade went smooth. Surprisingly, the new OS has restore the keypad lock function. Although the keypad lock icon is still missing, but the keypad button on top of Javelin has been working again. Instead of locking the keypad, the button now served as standby button. Just one press and Javelin will sleep.

Upgrading Javelin

The Javelin I am using have been running the original OS ( for quite sometimes. Although I was quite satisfied, it has some problems. Memory leaks and battery life were the top two. Free memory after reboot usually around 116-120 megs and rapidly decreasing. I have had to reboot every three days or so. Battery was even worse, it would only last Continue reading Upgrading Javelin